Johan Abildskov

Johan Abildskov

I am a Continuous Delivery and DevOps consultant and teacher. I did not write the book on DevOps, but I did write the song for DevOpsDays Copenhagen. I help companies both with process and culture, but I do enjoy it when I can dive into the deep tech stuff. I am particular fond of Git, Jenkins, Artifactory and Gradle as a toolstack.
I maintain [Opinionated Git](, [Exploring Agile Newsletter]( and the [best darn Git exercises around]( I enjoy programming, music, gaming and being with my family of course 🙂

This rock is better than your software

We talk a lot about the quality of software. Or more accurately we talk about the
lack of quality in software. We try to introduce automated tests,
deployments, we do _agile_, _continuous delivery_ and _DevOps_, but has that made our software

I have trust in a rock to behave as expected, I can not save the same thing for the average piece of software.
In this talk I will talk about what the concept of _quality_ means in terms of software.
I will also cover techniques for reasoning about the quality of our software, and hopefully make it better.

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