Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries

Jan de Vries is a senior trainer, business IT consultant and public speaker in the fields of Business Information Management, DevOps, Scaled Agile and Antifragility.
He is convenor of the Enterprise DevOps group that conducts research on large scale deployment of DevOps in organisations.
He founded Blue Ocean Recon to facilitate the development of Blue Oceans and Lean Startups.

DevOps is a Trojan Horse. Of the Indispensable Kind

DevOps is usually brought within the walls of an organisation to improve IT. However, once the DevOps horse is inside, it appears that there are Value Stream warriors on board who take customer-centricity, end-to-end responsibility and cross-functionality literally and therefore have the intention to tilt the entire organisation. This organisation however is in most cases still inspired by the scientific management principles that Frederick Taylor published in 1911. No kidding. The tilt can be carried out quickly if there is sufficient support from the top of the organisation. They may even have given the order to let the horse in. During the tilt, a massacre is inflicted under silo management, middle management and all the support roles. Such as HR (let’s cut this down to a Minimum Viable HR), Control (Value stream funding replaces all other financial instruments), Compliance (we switch to compliance as code), Testing (for test automation we need developers).

The warriors pursue a noble goal. Business agility requires a business level commitment to product and value stream thinking. But that’s new to most executives. So when the warriors roll out the end-to-end Continuous Delivery Pipeline they do create the foundation that enables enterprises to release value. But they will meet a lot of resistance. From silo management, from middle management, from support staff. In the old days they would have had plenty of time to pause and convince everyone. Not anymore, because when you snooze, you lose.
So, when this horse shows up at your front door, that means good news. And a huge amount of work. And an increased chance of survival.
In this talk I will share the contemporary adventures of this Indispensable Trojan Horse in an era where DevOps is used as a generic term for the alignment of all groups around the delivery of value.

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