every Tuesday in September 2020

Although the DevOps Days Zurich has been moved to April 2021, we still want to keep you in touch with interesting and inspiring topics. During the for free DevOps Tuesdays we connect international speakers with exciting, current contributions with DevOps community members from all over the world. Be part of it . The DevOps Tuesdays are for free.

1st of september

Kubernetes container orchestration meets a modern microservice architecture: excitement! Plus, increasing needs related to traffic management, observability, access control, and the like. The CNCF Service Mesh Interface community has defined a specification for standard service mesh APIs to ensure plugins work on many meshes and allow for choice of mesh provider. Microsoft has launched a new open source project, Open Service Mesh (OSM), which is a lightweight and extensible Envoy-based service mesh that implements the SMI APIs and runs on Kubernetes. Tune in for this service mesh ecosystem discussion if you’re interested in this space and trying to figure out your next moves.
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8th of september

Fireside chat with John Willis. John is known as one of the founding fathers of DevOps. In this Fireside chat we want to talk with him about DevOps Transformations: what they need to work and why still some fail.

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15th of september

This talk will argue that DevOps could be the best thing to happen to application security since OWASP, if developers and operations teams are enabled to make security a part of their everyday work. With a ratio of 100/10/1 for Development, Operations, and Security, security now needs to concentrate on creating tools, processes and opportunities for dev and ops that result in more-secure products, instead of trying to do it all themselves like they did in days past. We must build security into each of “The Three Ways”; automating and/or improving efficiency of all security activities to ensure we don’t slow down developers, speeding up feedback loops for security related activities so that we fix the bugs faster and sooner, and providing continuous learning opportunities in relation to security, for both teams. Security can no longer be a gate or stumbling block, and ‘adding security in’ can no longer be used as a justification for project delays. If developers are sprinting, then we need to sprint too. So put on your running shoes; it’s time for DevSecOps!

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22nd of september

You don’t need Kubernetes to automatically push green builds to production –Developer Advocate Shelby Spees walks through how Honeycomb uses CircleCI, Terraform, Chef, a handful of home-grown scripts, and Honeycomb itself to speed up deployments and make them safer. You’ll also hear about what went wrong along the way, and how Honeycomb’s Service Level Objectives allow the team to evaluate and mitigate risks.
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29th of september

What does it take to build and operate a service in the cloud? What are the good side of operations and what are the dark sides. Let’s discuss with Seth Vargo!

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* All Tuesdays Sessions are for free


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