courtney heba & Ankur Marfatia


Courtney Heba

Agile Coach – Delta Air Lines
I am interested in Delta’s agile transformation journey because I have seen the profound effects agile can have on teams. Teams have entered Dojo with different agile proficiencies ranging from waterfall to advanced agile and all of them left in a better state than they came entered. For some that meant releasing incremental software faster and for others they were able to bond and experience teaming. I strive to be a part of something bigger than myself and this journey allows me to do just that. Coaching one team is wonderful, but I want to be responsible for spreading “the good” to many teams.
Diverse Technology, Telecom, and Consulting Background spanning Product Development, Lean 6 Sigma Operational Improvements, Agile, Certified Scrum Master, Business Analysis, Sales, Account Management, and Leadership Roles. I am also a recent MBA graduate from the Georgia Tech Scheller College of Business where I completed my Lean 6 Sigma Black Belt. Continuing my journey as a lifelong learner, this fall I will be teaching Management Information systems at Georgia Gwinnett College.

Ankur Marfatia

Agile Engineering and Devops Advocate I am currently a Agile Engineering Advocate here at Delta. In my current role, I have setup the development standards for Delta in line with our short term and long term vision. I regularly organize and facilitate enterprise wide developer discussions on various range of topics. I also develop and conduct, both in person and video based corporate training on the newest tools and technology. I work periodically work with Enterprise Architecture group to evaluate and create proposals for adoption of latest technologies at Delta. I have been at Delta for 15+ years. Over the years I have enjoyed various roles Project Architect, Scrum Master, Senior Developer working on frontend and backend applications, SOAP, and API services. I like learning new things as well as participating in innovation challenges. Off work you can often find me at various meetups around Atlanta.

Mob Programming Workshop

Last year we implemented first Mob Programming pilot at Delta’s Dojo, a technique used to write software code utilizing 4-5 team members instead of a single programmer which reduces costs by 9% per deployment. The pilot’s success has led this practice to be mainstream.

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