Cosima Laube – Achieving more TOGETHER!

Cosima is an experienced independent coach, consultant and trainer with a proven track record in a variety of industries (automotive, finance & banking, healthcare, travel & tourism). Having a strong background as a developer and people lead in software engineering, she enhanced her professional portfolio over the years with solid coaching skills and BSc studies focused on I/O and Health Psychology. Cosima cares more about systems thinking than local optimization, she is an introvert, a runner and a passionate community gardener (organising several Open Space conferences, leading and contributing to User Groups).

Workshop: D.A.R.E. more, F.E.A.R. less – The business case of keeping a (daily) journal

During my career in IT and people development I had several turning points where I either was made to use journaling techniques or experimented with them myself to successfully tackle the next challenge. Over the years I reflected why those ‚written self-reflection‘ techniques are so powerful and – at the same time – they are still quite rarely used in the business context.
In this workshop I will happily share my experience and my findings backened by a scientific psychological model with you!
You want to leverage your resources? You want to change habits in your life’s „departments“? You want to harvest outstanding outcomes – at work and beyond?
Then join us to get ready for ACTion and to be inspired how to leverage journaling techniques for yourself, for teams and for your organization. We’ll even use our hands, hearts and minds to directly try out some of them!
Notes and comments I can tailor this workshop either to fit in 90min or in a slot up to 120min
I have an inspirational 30min talk session on the same area. I submitted that one as well so you can choose what fits better: „just“ an inspirational experience-based talk or a mixture of experience, inspiration and a lot of hands-on.

Talk: Head ‘n’ HeartOps – Using emotions without “system crashes”. Using emotions the smart way!

You have emotions? Sometimes you even ARE emotional? Congrats, you are a human being! Oftentimes people think that “being emotional” means being unprofessional, irrational or even weak. Wrong! Being able to consciously deal with (your) emotions is a strength that can be learned and practised. It even is a leadership quality. Now, how can YOU actually handle your emotions smartly? This session provides you with a matching set of science-based, pragmatic tools that are (almost) always accessible – like a Swiss Army Knife.

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