Martin Thalmann

I’m a passionate DevOps Enthusiast who strongly believes in the power of this movement. I’m currently helping a Swiss telco operator in adapting DevOps principles in a large enterprise. Beside that I’m co-organizer of the DevOps Enthusiast Meetup in Zurich. I do have a background as a Software Engineer and experience in several Line- and Project-Management positions

Dirk Lehmann

Dirk is a DevOps evangelist and Continuous Delivery expert at SAP. Since 2001 Dirk worked in various roles at SAP including Development and Operations. Together with his former team "TwoGo by SAP" he established the first Continuous Delivery implementation at SAP, delivering value daily to their customers. In his current role, Dirk is a Cloud Quality Coach at SAP with focus on Continuous Delivery and DevOps practices. Dirk is a frequent speaker at international conferences on DevOps and Continuous Delivery.

Nadine Biedermann

Metaphorically, Nadine can conquer the world with her clever quips and her charme. Literally, Nadine's wit and her creativity will enhance your Marketing and Social Media experience of the DevOpsDays 2020.

Romano Roth

I'm an experienced software consultant and DevOps enthusiast working at Zühlke. My passion lies in radically transforming monolithic waterfall IT organizations into scalable agile teams doing DevOps.

Carsten Plum

I am passionate about everything agile and human centered. Having started my career in an old school waterfall environment more than 20 years ago as a software engineer and project manager, I am now happy to enable teams and large organisations to establish agile methods and DevOps. I specifically like the combination (and challenges) of technical and cultural aspects.

Tobias Weinmann

Having worked as a developer, systems engineer and team lead in IT operations, the ideas and concepts behind DevOps are very close to my heart. As I am passionate about coding since my teenage years, I am fascinated by concepts like Infrastructure as Code, Social Coding, and cloud native technologies trying to get hands-on whenever possible. I enjoy lateral thinking and my basic premise is that “we cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them” (Albert Einstein). In my current role I dedicate all my energy to introducing and spreading DevOps principles and practices in the broader organization.

Lorena Dütsch

I love to create visual design, UX & UI Design, infographics, pictograms and so on. With my creativity I will participate in marketing and social media for DevOpsDays 2020.

Sebastian Zillessen

I am a Senior Software Engineer. Since 2016 I am focusing on agile software development processes, clean code, infrastructure as code and DevOps specific development and release processes. My passion lies in Full stack enterprise application development which I approach with an entrepreneurial mindset.

Franziska Bühler

Franziska loves to combine her favorite topics DevOps, IT security and open source software. And that's exactly what she can pursue as an architect at Puzzle ITC! As a former speaker at the DevOpsDays Zurich, organizer of the ModSecurity CRS Meetup Bern and an enthusiastic OWASP member, Franziska also has the opportunity to share her passion with others. When she isn't disassembling highly optimized regexes or automating security, she enjoys spending time with her family.

Noëmi Krüsi

It is a well-known fact that girls just wanna have fun. It is also known that companies that incorporate DevOps get more done. How do these two facts relate, you ask? Meet Noëmi Krüsi, a girl who gets stuff done. Her strengths and talents lie in design and administration. As a creative allrounder she will be assisting with the design and social media of the DevOpsDays 2018.

Tobias Brunner

Tobias (aka tobru) is a DevOps Engineer and Partner at VSHN and one of the founding members of VSHN. He loves Open Source and everything about state-of-the-art technologies like Docker, Kubernetes and OpenShift. In his day job he is responsible for the Container Platform team at VSHN, works on the next big thing and brings APPUiO - The Swiss Container Platform - to the next level.

Julia Faust

Julia loves to communicate and to bring people and solutions together. As a Financial Controller for the IT development department of a Swiss Telco, she accompanies the transformation into an agile setup from the beginning. DevOps principles such as "build it, run it", autonomy of the team, as well as short and reasonable planning processes motivate her a lot. Julia is thrilled by discussing the basic ideas and causes of agility and to inspire others.

David Kilchenmann

David is Key Account Manager at Puzzle ITC, an open-source IT company based in Bern, Zurich, Basel & Tübingen(DE). He loves how container technologies changed the way software is developed and run, but still sees a lot of potential within other organizations to adopt a DevOps mindset. At Puzzle he is working in the account management and assists the product development of several open source solutions like Hitobito, APPUiO, PuzzleTime & Liima. Before Puzzle he was leading the Swisscom Software Day for two iterations and promoting the Swisscom software culture within the company.

Selina Reist

I am an enthusiast for everything visual:photography, movies and animations, pictograms, infofraphics, visual design, graphical recordings, UX-Design. I also like to combine these skills in crossfunctional teams to enable app development, transformation processes and last but not least communicate and teach DevOps practices in large federal organizations

Vittorio Boccone

Vittorio grew up in the a world where hardware and software are in perfect equilibrium. At 8 he started customizing and modifying anything with an engine or a CPU. Curious about the nature of things he later became a detector and accelerator physicist. After 13 years at CERN, he’s now often seen at Dectris happily developing Dectris X-ray detectors. He’s comfortable with any lab equipment, programming language or particle accelerator.